Here are some examples that we have provided, scraped and ready to be used!

Coffee in Brazil

Explore the Brazilian coffee culture, here is a ready list of local cafes and coffee suppliers to get your caffeine fix.

Architects in United States

Get in contact with experienced and renowned architects in United States for your next design and build project.

Restaurants in China

A list of restaurants in China to share a communal feast with your loved ones around the lazy susan.

Automobiles in Germany

A ready-to-use list of automotive workshops and showrooms in Germany to visit for all your mechanic needs.

Bars in Japan

Score a seat at one of these Japanese cocktails and sake bars that serve tipples with great food.

Fashion Designers in France

Get a wardrobe staple or an eye-catching statement piece made by cutting-edge designers and artisans based in France.

Pizza in Italy

Pizzerias in Italy where you can get the most authentic slice of Margherita that locals have been enjoying for years.

Developers in India

Empower your business by maintaining an impactful digital presence with the talented developers based in India.

Aesthetics in South Korea

Entrust your skin with skilful and reputable aesthetician based in South Korea for a suitable treatment.